workers compensation

If you were injured while working, you are entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits such as lost wages, medical expenses, compensation for scarring and loss of use of a body part, and vocational rehabilitation for a permanent disability. 

Covered injuries:

•   An injury caused by a specific incident such as a fall.

•   An injury that developed over a period of time due to constant and/or repetitive use.

•   Illnesses and diseases related to the nature of the job such as lung disorders or stress.

•   A pre-existing condition unrelated to work that was made worse by your job.

Even if you are receiving weekly workers’ compensation checks, it does not necessarily mean that ALL of your rights are protected.  Due to the nuances of the workers’ compensation system, it is easy to get lost in it.  We are here to help navigate you through the complexities and constantly evolving workers’ compensation system to ensure that your rights are protected.